Top 10 tips to becoming a highly effective and successful salesperson and entrepreneur

If you hate sales then you hate money! Make sales the heart of your business. Putting sales first means more money for your business. In this post, we provide the top 10 tips of becoming a highly effective and successful salesperson and entrepreneur.


  1. Some people think working for commission is the most difficult thing. However, working on a commission basis is a great thing! Your income is not capped – you can be in control of your money. The sky is not the limit but your starting point!
  2. As a salesperson or entrepreneur, never think that it is too much money for the customer
  3. The pricing of a product or service is not your problem. You are your problem in most cases.
  4. Second money is always easier than the first money.
  5. Focus on selling what the customer needs. Listen well and understand your customer. It is therefore imperative to find out exactly what their needs and wants are and subsequently deliver a matching product or service.
  6. Do not bring up unreturned calls. There is simply no point.
  7. Develop the art of making the client feel serviced than sold. Deliver a great experience to your client.
  8. Build your pipeline. Have a pipeline that you can convert into sales.
  9. Money follows attention. Create the right attention on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.
  10. To be successful, you have to demand success the way you demand oxygen.